Sales of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables

Cold storages Brestovik trade with fresh and / or frozen fruits and vegetables.

The fruits and vegetables which we trade with are characterized by the maximum possible quality, these are the products that our children use.

We strive toward strong partnerships and long-term relationships with both domestic and foreign partners, and the way to keep these relationships is respect for the agreed and the consistency in work.

Our storage of fresh and / or frozen fruits and vegetables is one of the largest ones in Serbia, from a locality that is recognized as the locality of fruits and vegetables of the highest quality.

Our growers’ experience resulted in high quality fruits and vegetables that satisfy even the pickiest consumers’ tastes.

Cold storages Brestovik

deal with the storage of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. We also offer packaging services and the distribution of fruit and vegetables.

If you have any questions, we are here to answer them.


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